Submission guidelines

Oriire spotlights and explores content relating to African heritage. We are accepting content which relates to:

  • African History
  • African Myth

We accept content in the following formats:​

  • Articles
  • Essays

We strive to be as diverse in our representation as possible and seek content that cuts across different cultures from the many countries in Africa.

Authors of all submissions selected for publication are paid a flat rate of N10,000 per article.

You will be asked to provide payment details on the submission form.

Before submitting your content, please ensure the following:

  • Your full name and email are included (While your work can be published under an alias, your full name must still be included in your submission)
  • The content is in relation to African History or Myth
  • Your content includes at least 2 pictures which should be included in the publication
  • Pictures are captioned
  • Pictures are used with permission (i.e. either free stock photos, photos with author attribution and permission or photos taken by you)
  • Any tribes or cultures featured are named (Avoid generalising regions and locations. We don't want to publish articles about 'African Myths' or 'African History' in general. Tell us about an Igbo myth specifically from Ohafia or dishes eaten by The Tswana Ethnic group etc.)
  • Your content is entirely your own work and not plagiarised
  • You have not used AI (artificial intelligence) sources to generate your written content. The use of AI for content on this platform is strictly prohibited
  • Where other work is referenced, it is attributed to the right sources
  • References are provided
  • The word count does not exceed 3000 words
  • You have reviewed our style guide
  • Please see our other published articles for reference

We are doing our best to ensure that we inform all authors about the status of their submission as soon as we can. Typically, you will be contacted within 1-4 weeks to inform you if your submission was selected for publication or not.

If you have any questions, contact us here.


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