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January 7, 2023

Myths, legends, magic and masquerades, folktales and fables, spells, spirits, spooky tales,spilling the tea – Oriire is seeking submissions for its publication: a compilation of 25 African-themed spooky stories.

We are accepting fictional and non/fictional short stories (no poetry or essays please) that are based on existing African myths, historical events or real life experiences with mysterious underpinnings. Each story should be about 4000 to 10,000 words; we value fresh imagery, African motifs and symbols, twists and turns, creativity and the unexpected. Overall, these stories should be new, interesting and captivating.

Each selected writer will be rewarded with $40 per 100 copies sold. Earnings will bedisbursed at the end of each batch of 100 copies sold.

Submission opens March 14th 2022 and closes April 14th 2022

Here are the specific guidelines:

·         Stories will be vetted by reputable editors affiliated to Oriire and the best 25 will beselected for publication.

·         Particular submissions that meet our standards but are not part of the top 25 selectedmay instead be published on the Oriire website – albeit without monetary reward.

·         Each writer can submit one or more spooky stories to increase their chances of beingfeatured.

·         Stories must be spooky or mysterious and centered around a particular African culturalbelief, historical event, mythological story, e.t.c

·         Writers are encouraged to provide accompanying images, if possible, to add a multi-modal dimension to their story.

·         Stories must be original. No plagiarism.

·         Only one story will be selected per writer.

·         Stories may be modified with permission from the writer.

All submissions are to be made through the Oriire submission page  

Please ensure you select the checkbox 'This is for the spooky stories compilation' onthe submit form.

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