Olubayo Stephen
Lord Kubols
May 8, 2023
Artwork Credit: Lord Kubols

Alkebulan, land of beauty and grace

With a history rich in culture and space

But when viewed through foreign eyes,

The narrative often skews and lies

They see poverty, war, and disease

Ignoring the wealth and expertise

They see a continent in need of aid

But fail to acknowledge the trade they've made

They see a people without agency

Forgetting the power of autonomy

They see a land ripe for exploitation

But forget the true devastation

But Alkebulan, you are more than this

Your people, resilient and fierce

Your land, bountiful and diverse

Your future, full of potential and purpose

So let us see you through new eyes

And acknowledge your strength and pride

For Alkebulan, you are not the "dark continent"

But a beacon of hope, power, and brilliance.

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