Why It Is Essential To Preserve Our Heritage

Sesi Zamba
January 7, 2023

Historically, Africans have passed down our heritage to the next generations orally. This has unfortunately led to much of that history being lost and forgotten with very few custodians left. Languages are going extinct, traditions have been forgotten and millions have lost their heritage.

This is at odds with other cultures, specifically Asian and European among others that is carefully preserved, celebrated and showcased to the world. We read books and watch films showcasing their gods, their traditions, their history and we have no references for our own.

It is well documented that not all traditions are good. However, even the bad traditions are opportunities for cultures to learn. A people's culture is the sum of their collective knowledge, passed down for generations and added on to with time. They learn by seeing what has worked and noting down what has not and ensure that future generations can learn from the mistakes of their elders.

African culture is not a monolith. It is rich, varied and well traveled and has evolved as it has journeyed from Africa to other places. This is why Nigerian moi moi is so similar to Brazilian abada and akara is so similar to acaje for example.

This site aims to highlight African Mythology, History and Food. Across different cultures, different languages, tribes and people. It is vital that our heritage is documented, celebrated and showcased.

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