The Seven Wonders of Ado-Awaye Town in Oyo State.

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June 9, 2024

ADO-AWAYE is a historic location full of enduring beauty. Founded in 1500, Ado-Awaye was previously ruled by the disgraced crown prince of the larger Oyo kingdom, King of Ado. Over generations, the nearby mountain settlements of Ado and Awaye were combined to form the single Ado-Awaye.

Ado and Awaye, the two largest communities where Ado Awaye was situated, are the sources of the name Ado Awaye. These two Oyo cities are adjacent to one another. The town was reputedly one of Oyo's greatest kingdoms, and the King of Ado Awaye was ranked second in command, behind Oyo's Alaafin. According to legend, the city's former king was the target of certain supernatural attacks that were linked to his relatives. He died as a result of this attack. But before he passed away, he cast a curse that said anyone who occupied the throne during the time that it was supposed to rule would die horribly. The throne remained empty for thirty-five years. Few people dared to take the throne and those who did perished. Finally, after 35 years, a new King took the throne.

The Seven Wonders:

Oke Ishage (Ishage Rock)

For the Ado-Awaye people, Ishage Rock is the source of rain. It is a massive, elongated rock that is balanced and stands erect on one of its tiny edges. Everyone is still puzzled as to why this boulder hasn't tumbled over the sheer mountainside it is resting on. When rain is required but it isn't raining, the main priest walks to the rock, wraps its "waist" with a white cloth, and it rains nonstop for three to four days.

The Oke Ishage rock

Ìyá-Aláró Lake

It's one of the many lakes on the mountain as well. The lake bears the name of an elderly woman who specialized in clothing dying and lives in the village of Ado-Awaye. The elderly woman, referred to as "Iya Alaro," is supposed to worship the lakes and offer sacrifices to them on certain occasions of the year. The lake's surrounding area and surface are covered in a dense overgrowth of vibrant vegetation, and its dismal depth emphasizes its connection to Iya Alaro.

Iyake Lake

After Colorado's Hanging Lake, Iyake Lake is the only officially recognized suspended or hanging lake in Africa and one of just two worldwide. It has been recognized as one of Nigeria's seven marvels and one of the country's most attractive tourist destinations. It has reportedly absorbed anyone who attempted to gauge its depth and is bottomless. Nobody has ever emerged from the water, even to this day. It is supposed to be the primary deity of the mountain's fertility. The locals hold that there is another planet beneath the lake that resembles the earth, and that anyone who jumps into the lake to enter that realm will never comes back.

The Iyake lake

Esè àwon Àgbà

The term "the footprint of the elders" is esè àwon gbà. There are numerous sizable "footprints" scattered around the mountain. The residents of Ado-Awaye have the belief that throughout their time there, the gods crossed the mountain to watch over the villagers.

Ese awonagba


The literal translation of agbómofunyàké is "collects child and gives to iyake". This small hole is next to the Iyake Lake. It's said that whoever sticks his leg into the hole and it carries him to the bottom of Iyake Lake whenever there's water in it.

Esè Kan Aiyé Esè Kan Òrun

This large and profound fissure divides the mountain into two halves, one of which is home to the pinnacle of the mountain. The granite in this valley slopes steeply down the valley walls; only daring mountain climbers dare cross it. The only route connecting the two mountain sections is a steep, narrow, and treacherous path that winds through a valley.

The Elephant Tree

This is made up of a fallen tree's twisted trunk or root, which strikingly assumes the shape of an elephant's head and trunk. The sculpture also effectively depicts the elephant's eyes. On the mountain, hikers are frequently enticed to scale the rock and take a picture sitting on the "elephant's head."

The elephant tree


Ado-Awaye, steeped in history and mystique, unveils its secrets through the Seven Wonders that adorn its rugged landscape. From the awe-inspiring balance of Ishage Rock, the mythical depths of Iyake Lake, to the haunting footprints of the elders, each wonder whispers tales of a bygone era. As visitors traverse the treacherous paths and gaze upon the Elephant Tree, they become part of the living tapestry of Ado-Awaye's enduring allure. In this convergence of legend and reality, Ado-Awaye stands as a testament to the resilience of culture and the timeless embrace of nature's wonders.


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