Shallom Paul
July 5, 2023

Gurasa is a local snack that is popular among the Hausa/Fulani people of Northern Nigeria.

The history of Gurasa can be traced back to the Arabian traders and merchants who followed trade routes from Timbuktu to Sudan, all through North Africa and eventually settled in Dala, Kano State.

Gurasa is a tasty snack eaten as a light refreshment for lunch or tiffin.

The English interpretation for Gurasa is bread.

The bread is garnished with spices and other ingredients and the mixture gives a wonderful taste.

Gurasa is prepared in many ways, but the primary product is the Gurasa itself.

The Gurasa is made like the conventional method of baking bread. There is a mixture of wheat flour, eggs, yeast and sugar.

The batter is baked in the local Hausa oven called the Tanderu or Tanda, which is made of a clay molded area and the heat us fueled by firewood or charcoal.

The baked gurasa is usual thin and flat in a circular shape.

The baked Gurasa is left to cool for a day or two, the taken to be prepared for consumption.

The Gurasa loaf is dipped in water, then kuli kuli powder is smeared all over it. The kuli kuli powder is from dried groundnut cakes which have been roasted and grounded, with the oil extracted from the groundnut, the made into shapes.

The Gurasa loaves smeared with kuli kuli and yaji (seasoned dry pepper) is warmed in an open


When done, the Gurasa is sliced into pieces, vegetables like onions, cucumbers, tomatoes and cabbages are also sliced into the Gurasa, then the ground kuli kuli and yaji are smeared on the Gurasa.

Then, Gurasa is ready to be eaten with a chilled drink.

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