Oriire African Heritage Competition

Oriire African Heritage Competition is Live.

Oriire is, from the 1st of February, 2021, going to be accepting submissions for its first ever African Heritage Competition. Aiming to stretch the frontiers of knowledge in three main categories: HISTORY, MYTH and FOOD, Oriire African Heritage Competition awards writers from all over Africa an opportunity to tell stories about their culture and to showcase their knowledge about the African Continent in compelling and boldly imaginative ways.

Three winners from the three categories receive a cash prize of N10,000, a branded notepad, a branded t-shirt, a branded mug and get their entries published on our website. The best 30 entries also get published on our website.

The competition is judged by a community of experienced writers, curators and cultural ambassadors who have a long-standing delight in collecting, documenting and showcasing African culture and heritage.

The deadline for submissions is February 26th, 2021.


Submission Guidelines:

· Share the competition flyer on your IG page and tag us: @oriire_africa.

· If you are on Twitter, share the flyer on Twitter and tag us.

· Follow our social media pages: @oriire_africa. (oriire.africa on Facebook).


· For the categories: History and Food, only non-fictional works are accepted and submissions should therefore be referenced.

· Under the category of Myth, both fiction (short stories or flash fictions based on existing Myth) and non-fictions are acceptable, where the non-fictional entries should be properly referenced.

· Make sure your story or essay is not only creative but well researched and well-referenced where necessary. It should essentially add to or clarify current knowledge in your chosen category.

· Word count should be between 1200-2000 words.

Entries should be submitted to: competition@oriire.com

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