A Guide to Oriire: Navigating The Community.

Oriire was created as a platform to celebrate African heritage and to foster an online community for discussions, remembrance and forging bonds. We focus on three main aspects of African heritage: Mythology, history and food.

The mythology section includes local folktales, folklore and stories. African religions, african stories and african lore has traditionally been passed down orally. This has led to the unfortunate loss of a lot of our heritage as we haven't worked to preserve it. Initiatives like tales by moonlight which used to be on television in Nigeria and other local efforts in other countries to preserve heritage and share it with new generations have been abandoned and neglected.

This website aims to rectify that in part. We welcome contributions in whatever form by Africans and those knowledgeable about African history, myth and food in whatever form. Please tell your stories here. Share pictures, videos, art, voice notes or donate so we can keep up the work we do here. We welcome it all!

There's also a community are here where we can discuss, share theories, recipes and much more. From time to time there'll also be events both online and offline, where we go more in depth about things we discuss.

Please feel free to explore and direct any questions or concerns to info@oriire.com.

Don't forget to tell your friends about us!

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